The Conflict of American Dream

Today, or these days, our lovely english teacher, Ms. Maxwell, teach us about the American Dream. What is it? Well, basically on our class it’s a concept that ‘All people can achieve their dream’. Accourding to the discussion on the class, the sentence itself is very true. But no one asks about the difference from those people and their starting point. The starting point is, a concept of what people can start with, such the resources all around them. The resources can be anything such like humans, knowledge, experience, all things about how to and what to do to get success, or, achieve their dream. Those resources can vary a lot due to family background, choices they make, and all other things. Those resources will get to choose where will they be on the society and what will they be in the future. And also, this is inheritable, which means it can be pass to their offspring, because their offspring lives under the environment those parents got to make.

Basically I want to apply for a best college just like everyone do. So I have to improve myself, in many ways. I found a way I can achieve is that, I can apply for a high school. But after I go to the school’s website, it shocked me. I’m seriously, it SHOCKED me. I can say with confident, that the school which I’m trying to go, is the best high school on the world. For me, it is. It allows me to have curious. Btw, I don’t want to be mean at here saying Kinglee was bad, but that’s the comparison I have to make, to be honest with myself and with my life where my parents gave the power of controlling it to me. I have to take my life seriously. So in Kinglee I can say that, I’m not the best one, ever. No one is the ‘best’. It can vary opon millions of factor and no one can prove one of those factors, just because those factors were also subjectivity and not scientific enough for completely examine. Back to where I start, on the website it shows that, they need SSAT and 3 other tests includes SAT1 or ACT. But at 10th grade they only requires SSAT.

I can’t do that. Even I bloody want to go to that high school. I have to be realistic. I mean, I absolutely have the responsibility of not transfering to that school because I made a wrong mistake to take Kinglee for 10th grade. But what if I born in USA? What if I born in the place where all around me were experts like Stephen William Hawking, and with Bill Gates as my neighbor? That can be ABSOLUTELY true for some tiny tiny amount of people on this earth.

But NOT for a big amount of people.

Can I still have my dream? For sure! Will remains to be a dream?

It’s a shame to say that, but maybe it will.


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